Seminar on tax and law changes

Lithuania-Israel Chamber of Commerce (LICC) invites you to the event on Thursday, March 18, 2020.

The first part of the event will be the workshop „ Tax and important legal changes, the last tax practice“ .

The workshop lecturer : tax expert, consultant, the President of Lithuania‘s tax consultants association Rūta BILKŠTYTĖ, she represents the company FIDEXPERTA as well. The workshop is oriented mainly for the managers and finance directors, not only for the accountants.

In order to further develope and enhance personal contacts between the members of Lithuanian-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Contact Fair will be organized after the first part of the event.

Venue : Vilnius Chamber of the Commerce, Industry and Crafts (30 , T. Kosciuškos st.).

Time : 4:00 p.m., March 18, 2020.

Fee : gratis for the members of LICC, non-members - 20,00 EUR

Register at :